Who We Are

Our History

One lacquerware artisan started it all.

1909   Shosaku Morita I founded Morita Shikki in Yamanakaonsen

1970  Shosaku Morita II established Morita Shikki Co. Ltd.

2011   Kids Design Award (wooden lacquerware for kids)

What We Do

We’ve engaged in the production of finest Japanese lacquerware over a century in Yamanakaonsen Japan where world-class artisanship has lived for over 400 years.

We are passionately committed to the finest products crafted by artisans in Yamanakaonsen Japan that range from simple-yet-functional lacquerware to ultra-thin wooden lampshades that lets the light glow through to bring out the unique grain of each light.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the culture of Japan to the world as a pioneer who continues to create the tradition of lacquerware.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help people achieve diverse and rich life styles through the development and production of our products.

About Us

Company Name
Morita Shikki Co. Ltd.

Postal Address
Wa528 Uwabaramachi Yamanakaonsen Kaga-city Ishikawa 922-0106 Japan
Tel +81 (0)761780106     Fax +81 (0)761785311

Date of Incorporation
October 1970

Opening Hours
9:00 – 17:30 M-F (UTC +9)

We look forward to seeing you here.